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College Preparatory

61% of Incarcerated People Have Fewer than 8 Years of Education

In order to be eligible to enroll in a Hudson Link college program, students must have either a high school diploma or GED, and pass a college placement exam. To help prepare students for the challenges and rigors of attending college classes, we created Hudson Link’s College Preparatory School an intensive one-year, six-course program.

At the end of the one-year program, students are eligible to take a placement exam to assess their college readiness.


650+ Students Currently Enrolled

In collaboration with accredited institutions of higher learning, Hudson Link’s college program is the core of our endeavors.

Partnering with Columbia University, Columbia-Greene Community College, Marymount Manhattan College, Mercy College, St. Thomas Aquinas College, SUNY Sullivan, Mt. Sain Mary College, SUNY Ulster Community College, and Vassar College.

Hudson Link also sponsors Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Behavioral Science, Liberal Arts and Organizational Management.

College Completion

1,000+ College Degrees Awarded

Many Hudson Link college graduates function as mentors, tutors, and exam proctors for current students.

The College Completion Program to provide students who have been released from prison prior to finishing school an opportunity to fulfill their degree requirements.

Hudson Link On Campus provides students with options for continuing their education at various on-campus locations throughout New York State.

Transitional Services

1800+ Alumni Returned to their Families & Communities

Hudson Link provides support for students and alumni to support their successful transition to their communities post-incarceration. Our team offers comprehensive case management services for students throughout New York state and beyond, provides supplies including digital technology, apparel, and essential toiletries, and works to ensure opportunities for continued education, degree completion, life skills training, and community building.

Hudson Link’s Transitional Services department also offers career readiness skills including resume building resources, employment search assistance, professional attire, computer literacy training, professional mentoring, internship, and fellowship opportunities.

We pride ourself on centering the voices of alumni as we build out additional services, and partners with reentry and community organizations to provide a steady stream of supportive services.

New Beginnings

Our People Rebuilding Homes – While Rebuilding Their Lives

With our New Beginnings initiative, Hudson Link is leading the way by utilizing the efforts of our released alumni to construct transitional housing intended to improve outcomes for other returning citizens. After renovation, Hudson Link operates the restored properties as temporary housing for returning program alumni. We understand that reentering citizens face a complex matrix of needs, especially when it comes to housing. New Beginnings provides a safe and stable temporary home, free of charge, while our released alumni get back on their feet.

Stay tuned for more updates! As always, thank you for your continued support; we could not do this work without you!

Finish Line: Degree Completion Program

Racing To The Finish Line – Our Degree Completion Program

Hudson Link’s signature Finish Line program is specifically for our students. If an alumni is interested in completing their degree or continuing their education, we help them find a school, apply, and understand their financial aid options. We offer ongoing support while students are enrolled in these programs, helping them navigate existing campus resources, and work to break down the common barriers to reach their full potential on an outside campus.

Strategic Initiatives

The Strategic Initiatives department engages and inspires students and alumni to take collective action in service of the broader Hudson Link community. Recent projects include:

• Engaging our alumni in advocacy training, as we believe they should be empowered to use their
own voices for the changes they want to see in their communities.

• Alumni participation in advocacy events for the reinstatement of Pell and the Turn on the TAP
campaigns to reinstate federal and state aid to incarcerated students, for record expungement
legislation in New York through the CleanSlateNY, and a suite of bills that impact incarcerated
students through the Communities Not Cages coalition.

• Coordinating and hosting our new speaker series called Beyond the Block, an all-day event inside
a correctional facility where currently incarcerated scholars present talks on subjects that are
important to them.

• Serving as a leading member of the New York Consortium for Higher Education in Prison (NY-CHEP), an association of programs offering postsecondary coursework in prisons and jails across
the state.

• Serving as a co-founder of, and ongoing Steering Committee member for, the annual Rise Up
Conference, a conference for, by, and about currently and formerly incarcerated people in the
higher education in prison field.

Our Partners


9 College Partners across NY State Awarding Associate and Bachelor Degrees

Hudson Link has formed robust partnerships with nine college partners and sponsors Associate and Bachelor degree programs in six correctional facilities across New York State. Associate degrees are in Liberal Arts and Sciences, while Bachelor degrees are in Behavioral Science and Organizational Management.

At the heart of our enterprise, are our college partners. Click on any organization below to read more.


Correctional Facilities

6 Correctional Facilities throughout NY State Supporting our Programs

As the only non-profit agency in the United States founded and staffed by formerly incarcerated people, Hudson Link has forged a strong bond with the administration and staff of the NY State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, which enables our college degree programs to reach a growing number of incarcerated students across the state.

We forge strong relationships with correctional facilities throughout New York State. Click on any organization below to read more.



9 Professional and Philanthropic Organizations among the NY Community

Hudson Link partners with many community-based organizations to ensure the post-release success for our alumni. Hudson Link’s Alumni Program provides job readiness skills including resume writing, employment search, professional attire, laptops and technological training, professional mentoring and job opportunities.

To give our alumni the best chance for success upon release, we develop close ties to other effective professional and philanthropic organizations. Click on any organization below to read more.



Learn more about our newest academic site at Green Haven Correctional Facility.

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